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Brooklyn Reporter is the online home for the next generation of proud Brooklyn locals looking to connect and find out what’s happening in the neighborhoods around them. Brooklyn Reporter provides the latest in Brooklyn news and events, powered by the journalists at the award-winning Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator and Spectator News.


But this isn’t just another local news website. Thanks to the latest technology and our deep roots in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Reporter is also a social platform for the community to come together to talk to each other. Local leaders, business owners and residents now have Brooklyn Reporter to connect online with the people who care about Brooklyn as much as they do.


Brooklyn Reporter provides the latest and most interesting information about Brooklyn – be it breaking news, politics and education, or dining, nightlife, real estate and getting around. Our award-winning journalists are complemented by our grassroots community that posts comments, events, discussions, photos, videos and classifieds of their own to keep all of Brooklyn up to date and in the know.


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