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Several games make full use of achievements to draw people back to the sport. Many of these achievements are the same from game to game, like accumulate this specific amount of money or kill a certain amount of enemies.

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes 2 should definitely have those achievements we've come to expect using this genre, but should also include new ones to try and set the game separate. One likelihood is to have optional special ways that contain much tougher enemies. If the player beats the route they get an exclusive achievement and some bonus money.

Several clicker games have a set design for the key character, and predetermined character types for companions. Clicker Heroes 2, however, could give the player the option to customize their figure. Even something as easy as the ability to change hair color would be a great improvement.

Usually when playing games, if the player cannot hook up with the character they are playing as, they will get bored of the sport very easily. When the character is established, however, players become far more attached to them due to the little personal touch in their avatar. Adding even a tiny degree of figure customization can help reduce this problem of players not connecting with their figure.

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