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Happy Wheels is all about knowing what will be upon us soon. The particular initial charm of the overall game is that your personality gets absolutely demolished as each new trap is revealed.

However rushing through a level, even a acquainted one, is a certain way to get wiped out.

Take your time, foresee the actual next challenge is and mentally prepare yourself for all the fine-tuned acrobatics you’ll undoubtedly have to pull off to beat the next obstacle and all the remainder that place between you and the conclusion line.

Jumping is a vital aspect of Happy Wheels. Jut rolling everywhere will get you killed extremely quickly. Being ready to jump at a times notice is a necessity in every level, together with that said it’s a good idea to always keep your finger hanging just over the leap button.

Happy Wheels

Just don’t neglect that sometimes jumping can decrease your momentum, so consider leaning into leaps to increase your velocity to go a little further, or leaning back for shallower jumps.

It required me a small bit to realize this, but all the levels in Happy Wheels are open from the start. You do not need to play them in order to entry the next level. If you would like, you can start at the last level and work your path backwards. The particular choice is yours.

It is a great way to avoid getting too pissed off at the game, as you won’t get trapped on one level eternally. You can just by pass it and come again to it later.

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