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    The world over has some great vacationing destinations. Other than the picturesque beaches and streets, these destinations come with divergent cuisines. Besides enjoying the different dishes, another way to retain the memories is by taking exquisite photos of the same. Perfect food images not only preserve the moment but also foster your creativity. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional to do this. Try the following tips to help you take perfect images of the various cuisines you explore during your vacation.

    Adequate lighting is crucial in displaying clearly the contents of your meals. Ensure that when you are taking the photo, the subject is well illuminated. This means that the food should be well lit. Avoid low light or excessively lit situations. If you are taking your meals outdoors, the sun should not shine directly on the food as this creates shadows and glares. Be creative and create a balanced natural lighting for your food.

    Camera Angles
    At times, it may require you to try out different camera angles to come up with a good shot. Experimenting this way is necessary because of the different accompaniments that come with various foods. According to Stacy Mills, an Instagram influencer and Brooklyn based food blogger, burgers are best photographed from sideways to capture the condiments while pizzas are best shot from a bird’s eye view. Try changing your angles a number of times until you get the perfect photo.

    Food Presentation
    When it comes to food photography, the most mesmerizing foods may appear bland if not well presented. The last thing you want is for your amazing food to not look like it. This makes the food arrangement as crucial as the process of taking the photos. Enhance the presentation by balancing the colors and shapes. Make the components more eye-catching.

    Focusing on the Food
    While composing your shot, the food should be the primary focus. It is, therefore, quite essential to clear up the surrounding so that it remains clean and tidy. Get rid of half-eaten foods, smudged napkins, crumbs, and the like. Also, do not focus on too many things at the same time. Instead, have food as the main focus and place an additional element to appear in the periphery. Focus on specific food items and bring out the various aspects of the composition.

    Photograph Fresh Food
    To display your food beautifully, learn to be quick in taking food photos as the longer you wait, the more the food loses its aesthetic appeal. Being swift allows you to show off fresh food when it still has its natural color, is sturdy, and has not melted off. When you lose these elements as a result of long exposure, the image quality deteriorates.

    Add a Human Element to the Shot
    An image taken bearing some human interaction becomes more appealing. Have someone slice into a steak or pouring wine into a glass as opposed to taking images of the same items sitting lifeless on a table. Taking perfect food images requires that you have fun with your subject.

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