Bay Ridge

Like Suzanne, I'm often waiting 15 minutes for an R train every morning at Bay Ridge Ave around 8:45 - 9:00 every day. Coming home around 5:30, it's the same issue at 36th Street. I almost never get a seat and the trains are absolutely crowded, despite the fact that it's a commute that starts and ends towards the end of the R train line. That's absurd. The R train has always been rough, but in the past year it's gotten significantly worse. And they think that a digital panel will be the fix for us. Our station doesn't need digital panels - we need actual trains running during rush hour.

R train is packed most mornings at Bay Ridge Ave. 8:50-9:10. There should be more trains running at this hour as it doesn't make sense to fill up at the beginning of the line during commuting time. My AM commute now takes 10-20 minutes longer than a year or so ago.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Danielle Kogan
Snow big deal for Bay Ridge

Because they provide the gold standard in reproductive health care to millions of women, Planned Parenthood is indispensable. I proudly support them!

I was honored to stand with them in support and solidarity with Planned Parenthood.

Yepp! This is Bay Ride!

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