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There's a lot of great stuff happening in Bay Ridge this summer... including the 7th Annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival! We're screening in 11209 for the 4th year on June 9 (date to be confirmed soon) and we always have a great turnout! AoBFF is the ONLY festival in the world exclusively devoted to Brooklyn-made indie film and media, and the only one to ever screen in Bay Ridge. Learn more about us at and sign up for our newsletter!

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February 24, 2017 / 1:15 PM
I've been going to this dinner since I was a kid which was many years ago. When I come into Brooklyn to see my 95 years old Mom she only wants to go here. Can't ever remember having a bad meal or incident ever. Very friendly place with great food

My question is, is this just for people and no cars? When I grew up in Brooklyn the ferry went from 69st to Staten island

We cannot park our cars now and to top it off some nutcase in the park over there is building a petting zoo, all with CB 10 blessing!

To Sarah who was quoted in this article: I too have ulcerative colitis, like your husband. I too, need infusion treatments that cost me $8,000 every two months. Repealing the ACA is a death sentence to so many of us. It will be open season on pre existing conditions if the ACA is repealed. Dan, it's not too much to ask to see a plan before you go ahead and support repeal. Republican leadership had EIGHT YEARS to come up with one. I've come to one conclusion: you don't care enough about people like me. Shame on you.

This is a picture of Congressman's communication director, Patrick Ryan at the rally yesterday. He was outside his office all day. Looking down at his phone for 2 hours, despite heart-wrenching constituent testimonials in support of ACA being spoken in the street 10 feet away and the opportunity given him to address the crowd of constituents gathered at his door. Mr. Ryan is mistaken if this looks likes Mr. Donovan is interested in hearing from his constituents because, while it is lovely that the Congressman was visiting a school, his official schedule slated him to be in his office. We have a feeling we know why he amended his schedule.

I think your article would be remiss in not adding that the rally was sponsored by 2 grassroots organizations, Fight Back Bay Ridge and Staten Island Women who March, led by Sally Mc Mahon and myself, Lorie Honor, respectively. The collaboration is significant as we move forward together still asking congressman Donovan to hear constituent concerns from BOTH sides of the Verrazano Bridge! And while I am LOATHE to talk about crowd size, the police estimated that there were between 200-250 constituents in attendance. Not bad for a Tuesday work day, and considerably more than, "dozens" you write in the article and your pictures verify. Lorie Honor

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February 08, 2017 / 11:58 AM
"I felt that Brooklyn, specifically my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, needed a place that helps develop a community for the local neighborhood artists; a place to showcase a variety of talents.” The Bay Ridge Poets Society has been hosting an open mic for poets, musicians, comedians and performers of all kinds once a month for the last four years, creating a community of artists. Come visit.

The worst part is that lead in the water is becoming a profit center. My 2 sons are in PS176. Because of the elevated lead, they have started to buy bottled water in the school. It's 2017, we know how dangerous lead is to children for a long time now. The DOE should be having meetings with parents to directly discuss their remediation plans. Not just send home letters.

Yepp! This is Bay Ride!

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