If only there are CCTV surveillance cameras on every single subway car, then we all could be much safer for riding the subway.

What are you gonna to do when the bureaucratic MTA is maintaining a 24/7/365 system like this: It is one of the very few subway systems across the world to do so.

Why is it that when the whole Brooklyn coast line from Red Hook, Greenpoint, to Bay Ridge are being developed and beautified Gravesend remains a toxic dumping ground? To me, it's clear that the future of Brooklyn will rely on the improvements and development of it's coastline but looks like Gravesend will be left out of that future.

A crossbow is to an arrow as a gun is to a bullet. I'm assuming this was an arrow and that no one actually threw an actual crossbow at anyone.

Just a week ago, there was a cat struck by a crossbow in the face. It was on channel 12 local news. I wonder if theses cases are related. Police should really look into these 2 cases.

BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photo by Danielle Kogan
Snow big deal for Bay Ridge

Windows rolled down? People are getting really reckless these days...

Windows rolled down?

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