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Editorial: On the move

Oh the horror, law abiding citizens gathering together for a fundraiser for the SHOOTING SPORTS branch of the NRA, NOT the Legislative lobby. If Eric Adams is so against preserving our civil rights with the Second Amendment he should lead by example and surrender his unrestricted NYC full carry license. We know he never will because the law applies to us serfs, not his majesty. The other politician leftist trolls are not even worth acknowledging.

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Say, maybe those sneaky NRA members should wear something on their clothing to easily convey to others that they indeed belong to that organization. Maybe an emblem on their sleeve? That’ll keep em from taking such evasive tactics!

Is it me, or does this the publishing of this notice seem pretty, I don’t know, fascist? This screams 1984 to me. What is accomplished from this besides placing the safety of those attending in peril?

How brownshirt of all of you

Can the NYPD bring down crime underground just like aboveground? Time will tell.

A waste of our own money of course.

Check one for improving bus service through accountability, efficiency and transparency.

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February 20, 2018 / 1:54 AM
I think we should always be cautious of phone calls, especially the ones that come from unfamiliar numbers. I personally choose to just ignore them and wait for them to leave messages. If they don't, I Google the number or check on some sites like to see if people have reported them as scammers.

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