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February 14, 2017 / 10:47 AM
I agree with Jim 100%. Sen. Felder and his colleagues in the Assembly need to be congratulated for standing up for doing the right thing in protecting struggling New Yorkers who have enough stress in our daily life to have to deal with shelling out nickels here and there for each of our free shopping bags. Gov. Cuomo needs to sign this bill and stand up to do the right thing today, before this regressive tax starts. This nickel fee benefits no one except the stores who get to keep this nickel. The question I have for city officials - why doesn't the city encourage people to recycle plastic bags instead of taxing the people more?

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February 14, 2017 / 10:31 AM
Mayor DeBlasio said last night that the cost of living is too high in NYC but he and his lackey Brad Lander want to add a nickel charge per shopping bag - both plastic and paper proving that it is bull that this is all about the environment. Gov. Cuomo needs to step up to the plate and sign the bill ending this madness on the part of DeBlasio & Lander. The reusable cloth bags being pushed by Lander actually harms the environment more than our currently used plastic bag in the following ways: 1)Cloth bags use more energy - petro fuels than plastic and therefore increases global warming 2) The reusable bags are made in China and contain unknown chemicals which will cause harm to people's health in the long run 3) In contrast to Chinese made bags, all plastic bags are made in the USA and create good paying union jobs 4) If one is concerned about plastic bag litter which clog up our sewers and wind up in our oceans, just imagine what happens when these reusable bags rip and get drop immediately in the street which really clog up our sewers and when they wind up in our oceans and rivers the amount of damage that happens as it will take scores of years for them to break up in contrast to plastic which disintegrate in much shorter time. 5) Reusable bags carry viruses and caused an epidemic among high school girls in California 6) Just because California banned these bags doesn't mean we have to here - we see what is happening with all the environmental protection in that state this week with the Lake Oroville Dam about to burst so California has its priorities all screwed up since this dam could have been reinforced but instead the money was transferred to planning a high speed railway network which still hasn't been built. 7) New Yorkers live by mass transit and we have the fewer cars of any city - we shop on our way home and carry our groceries after work from the subway and bus stops and it is ridiculous to expect us to carry ugly reusable bags which don't hold much or heavy items like milk, juice, cans, bottles, melons, etc. 8) Phony environmentalists claim we can wash these reusable bags when they get dirty or smelly - did anyone take into consideration the amount of valuable water used to clean these bags and that the hot water needed is heated by fossil fuels? If New Yorker City wanted to do something about plastic bags, then why tax paper bags - which are 100% recycled - too? Why doesn't the city work on the recycling of plastic bags which would be a much better approach and help our environment in a positive manner without placing us, the working class - under the additional stress of forking over nickels for every bag. Gov. Cuomo - sign this bill ASAP.

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