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Dining Out: Soups for the soul

Memo to Douthot and FitzPatrick, however stellar Corriero's credentials, he is the OPPOSITE of "gravitas" and REMOVES the "judicial balance" that Larry Bakman brought to the table.

This is television...entertainment. It is not "reality". If we held TV stars to the standards you suggest, guess how many shows would still be on the air...about three! Bakman was the spark of the show that gave it life. The Sheindlin/Corriero replacements are a snooze.

Judge Bachman added spice to this program. The new judge is too mild mannered.

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December 11, 2016 / 12:07 PM
You should really do research before posting incorrect information about how someone has passed. This really qualifies as defamation of character. Such a claim affects his family, his children and grandchildren. They should not have to read such ill informed claims of their loved one. You should be more considerate of their feelings. They just lost someone special to them and you are tainting his memory. You owe the family a retraction and apology.

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Condo building planned for Dyker

At least Judge Michael Corriero is a real judge. Larry Bakman was not!! May I suggest you read the story on reddit about him. Judy Judy should be embarrassed for representing him as a judge, when in fact he's a dead beat dad, who hasn't paid his child support, and also evade's his taxes. Yes, he's a lawyer..but he's been brought before the bar a few time's as well.

I used to love watching Hot Bench in the morning. It's too boring with the new Judge.

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