Red Hook

I don't think Felix will win but he'll def. split the Hispanic vote big time. He is OK as a person, I know him personally, but he is just a lazy politician too long part of the system...He talks a lot but hasn't really done anything for the district in years. We need somebody with fresh ideas like S Gonzalez hahaha! We're doomed..

Let's make this a fair race - resign your seat in the Assembly instead of knowing you can fall back on it when you lose. Also, what have you done for Sunset in 20 years in the Assembly that makes us think you would do more than double your salary by running for the Council? These are the hard questions.

Let's see that the BQX could have more than enough riders to meet the overall operating costs and time will tell. I will be cautiously skeptical about this.

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March 15, 2017 / 12:17 AM
Another local crook like Sara Gonzalez. Because of individuals like this guy Sunset Park is in such a bad shape, he's had all his life to improve it...Now that things are getting a little better he should stay in his house in Rego Park (where his kids go to school) and let people that live in the district take care of the district!

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