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May 21, 2017 / 10:54 AM
The bureaucratic, corruptive and deceptive MTA: Not going our own way, despite trying to improve everything non-stop, every single day

That fits their own bureaucratic, corruptible and deceptive slogan perfectly towards our own everyday lives: "Improving, non-stop."

The MTA is not going our way by not improving our subway system in a cost-effective and timely manner, especially for the outer boroughs.

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April 30, 2017 / 11:33 AM
**underserved that is.

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April 30, 2017 / 11:03 AM
Elizabeth and her husband with no last name's "belief," is hardly an actual fact. This privileged myopic view of the hundreds of reasons why construction projects can be delayed, wreaks of entitlement. If you want to see what an undeserved neighborhood is, take a look at the far reaches of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. You are being given an award winning playground which is ALREADY surrounding by a green park and Rec center, with a pool. To suggest that the long time community members aren't used to getting or fighting for what they want is also an offensive bit of savior mentality. The parks department is not against you, it is a beauracratic system, full of setbacks like most others. It is also full of individuals working hard to bring you this park, not some ambiguous figure. Keep that in mind. Be more grateful and aware. Victor was "promised," a playground, which he will get. Learn some patience and get a clue about the process of city agencies, your child will benefit from that as well.

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Sunset Park man goes missing

The R train is the most unreliable subway line for all Brooklyn residents: This is the only local service within Brooklyn all day. In late nights, it's a different story because D and N trains are running on some parts of the Fourth Avenue Line on the local track.

Of course on some median-capacity construction projects, the bureaucratic MTA always have a very short notice, with a lack a communication between them and the general public, especially for those who are speaking other than English.

Typical bureaucratic MTA with the lack of accountability, convenience, efficiency, reliability, sustainability and transparency for its customers and their taxpayers.

Since when is a guy who runs a Facebook group, the soul source for an article and traffic changes? Likewise, running a bully pulpit Facebook group, does not a "membership," make. As a driver and pedestrian, I can surely say that making 2 lanes out of an extremely busy and only getting busier 3 lane street, has been nothing short of more dangerous. There is no room for any swerve or anyone to get out of the way, if a car is double parked, or an ambulance comes by, or any other disturbance. Not safe. Likewise, larger pedestrian lanes, just means people move that much more into the street - plus, as they step off the curb further out. Bike lanes, safer streets, yes, but this method has just created less space and more dangerous conditions.

Like Suzanne, I'm often waiting 15 minutes for an R train every morning at Bay Ridge Ave around 8:45 - 9:00 every day. Coming home around 5:30, it's the same issue at 36th Street. I almost never get a seat and the trains are absolutely crowded, despite the fact that it's a commute that starts and ends towards the end of the R train line. That's absurd. The R train has always been rough, but in the past year it's gotten significantly worse. And they think that a digital panel will be the fix for us. Our station doesn't need digital panels - we need actual trains running during rush hour.

R train is packed most mornings at Bay Ridge Ave. 8:50-9:10. There should be more trains running at this hour as it doesn't make sense to fill up at the beginning of the line during commuting time. My AM commute now takes 10-20 minutes longer than a year or so ago.

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