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The rotten unreliable R train: I'm not surprised about there.

I don't think Felix will win but he'll def. split the Hispanic vote big time. He is OK as a person, I know him personally, but he is just a lazy politician too long part of the system...He talks a lot but hasn't really done anything for the district in years. We need somebody with fresh ideas like S Gonzalez hahaha! We're doomed..

Let's make this a fair race - resign your seat in the Assembly instead of knowing you can fall back on it when you lose. Also, what have you done for Sunset in 20 years in the Assembly that makes us think you would do more than double your salary by running for the Council? These are the hard questions.

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June 29, 2017 / 11:06 AM
I attended the workshop and this is a wonderful development for our community if the EDC delivers. And I understand the concerns of early gentrifiers such as the folk from the fabric company cited in the article, but things change and I do not support their concept of residents subsidizing for profit businesses with unreasonably low rents in public properties either. As tax payers we must demand a better balance between profitability vs. the real benefit and jobs some of these small operations actually bring to the table. Also, and apols for being such a curmudgeon after all school is out for the summer, the youth development idea has been pitched many times before by different groups when projects such as Industry City came along and it didn't work, for many reasons. Although great in theory do not get me wrong, it's unrealistic as things stand mostly because of the dire state our schools are in (among the worst performers in the Borough). As not only a resident but an educator with more than 15 years of experience in Title I schools I know we have our hands full and barely cope with overpopulation, dismal testing and poor graduation rates. Introducing new programs would at this stage not only be superfluous but add unrealistic workloads to SPHS and IS136 for example, I doubt admins or teachers would jump at this. We need to fix the schools first!

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