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ebrooklyn media/Photos by Corazon Aguirre
ebrooklyn media/Photos by Corazon Aguirre
Judge Robert Miller and Frank Seddio.

Continuing a tradition started in 1957, Kings County judicial officials celebrated Law Day on May 8 at the Criminal Courthouse on Jay Street.

According to information provided by Justice Lawrence Knipel, the administrative judge for civil matters, “The Law Day ceremony provides a unique opportunity for the court administration, bench and bar to come together to achieve our common goal of improving the efficiency of our operations, expediting the hearing and resolution of cases, and enhancing the quality of justice in the courthouse.”

Justice Matthew D’Emic, administrative judge for criminal matters and criminal term, hosted the event. “We had a great turnout, a great day,” D’Emic said. “We celebrated the separation of powers.”

The keynote speaker was Knipel who used his time to unveil plans to further reforms that go alongside Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s “Excellence Initiative.” This program will help the courts in the area figure out which systems and procedures are working and which are not, aiming to develop a more efficient way to streamline many of the procedures in use in the courthouse. Regarding this initiative, which will have an effect on the court system as a whole, D’Emic said, “We are working very hard to implement it.”




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