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BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Adam Balhetchet.
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Adam Balhetchet.
A 29-year-old male bicyclist is in critical condition after colliding with a vehicle in Bay Ridge.

A 29-year-old man riding his bicycle was critically injured after being struck by a driver in Bay Ridge on Thursday.

According to authorities, on Thursday, May 10 at around 9:47 a.m., the cyclist, who was riding northbound on Ridge Boulevard, collided with a vehicle being driven along 73rd Street, westbound, by a 63-year-old woman.

The man sustained severe trauma to his body and was rushed to NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn where he is listed in critical condition.

The woman remained on scene and was also taken to NYU Langone Hospital –Brooklyn for injuries to her face.

The investigation is ongoing.

Bay Ridge resident Jean Beeks, who was at the scene shortly after the collision, contended that streets in the neighborhood have gotten increasingly dangerous.


“I’ve lived in a lot of places in New York and Bay Ridge is pretty bad. I don’t feel safe crossing, especially at stop signs,” she said. “[Cars] go really fast and aren’t conscious of their surroundings and there have been a lot of times when I’m crossing the street with my kids and I’m at a stop sign and I have to physically put out my hand and ask them ‘are you stopping because your car is still moving?'”





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Robert May 10, 2018 / 08:48PM
When you say the case is still ongoing, please refrain from making the first line "cyclist struck by vehicle", when clearly your opening title is "collision" and no one is at fault yet. If that doesn't warrant you to change the title, clearly take a look at the photo, because apparently the car had to be moving sideways in order to strike the bicyclist. Look at the drivers side window you'll clearly be able to tell the direction of impact. The best is the comment about the safety of Ridge Boulevard, which I am sure the majority of drivers live around there so...I am sure they are all speeding around there (sarcasm), and if they are, how is that different than the rest of Brooklyn? I can attest that you should always look both ways before crossing the street EVEN when you have a walk sign (I know this because of the many pedestrians struck while I was on my rotation as a surgical medical student back in 2008 when NYU Langone Brooklyn was Lutheran Medical Center), but I don't agree with this person commenting in this article regarding how "dangerous" Ridge Boulevard is. Moving on...does anyone recall about how pedestrians were complaining about how cyclists were running into pedestrians and going through red lights constantly to the point that the city was cracking down and ticketing these cyclists as they would ticket an automobile driver. Better yet, has anyone ever realized the audacity that these "bike riders" carry while they are riding with traffic and how obnoxiously impervious they are while riding. Last thing I want to say...look at the impact on the side of the vehicle...the street speed is most likely 25mph (does this apply to only cars, or are bike riders omitted from moving at that speed...maybe New York is still working on "not" going through red lights and will tackle bicycle speeds in another decade..I don't know), do you think that the bicyclist was riding at 25mph with that impact? I had to comment because the only person that contributed toward this article complained about motor vehicle drivers on Ridge Boulevard (yeah, a 62 year old woman is the typical resident who speedily drives down Ridge Boulevard...applies to all the drivers in Brooklyn, right? No it doesn't). One thing I am going to say is, generalizing is very easy right...Bay Ridge is crazy with drivers, and increasingly dangerous..okkk. Let's use a little deductive reasoning before we assume anything here, and think about this...A 62 year old woman driving down Ridge Boulevard had her driver side door and window blown out by a 29 year old male bicyclist. Ready Jean Beeks...who is more likely to speed and be reckless here for all the "generalizers" out there...if you don't know, ask your insurance company. It looks like a rhinoceros charged into the side of the door. Honestly, I really hope the person riding the bike makes a full recovery and I hope the driver does too. There's a lot of physical and psychological impact on both members here, and a whole lot more depending who is at fault and who is not.
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Daneka Kulikowski May 23, 2018 / 14:09PM
*motorist, not motorcyclist.

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Daneka Kulikowski May 23, 2018 / 14:22PM
So much animosity in your reply and it's riddled with assumptions about the cyclist. As someone who lives on Bay Ridge Ave btw 3rd and Ridge, i agree with the resident about the safety of our neighborhood. There are so many teenagers drag racing down our streets that I had to buy a noise machine to get any sleep at night. Just last night I walked to the letterbox to drop off some mail and watched as a green taxicab ran the red light at Ridge, made hairpin turn onto Bay Ridge Ave, gunned it and careened down the street screaming and yelling. It appeared he was off duty and out to have some fun. I just bought a bike two weeks ago to start biking along the waterfront and 2 days ago a motorcyclist stepped on his brakes and literally tried to hit me. The streets here are dangerous. Do you actually walk anywhere, or do you just live inside your car? Go for a walk, something further than 1 block, though my experience last night proved that even walking 1 block is dangerous. Or go download the Citizenapp on your phone. About 50% of the incidents shown on the app are car collisions and pedestrians getting hit.

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