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Two Bay Ridge brothers are raising money for art programs in school with Snapchat filters.

Two Bay Ridge brothers are headed on a new mission to spread happiness.

Nick and Mike Fiorito, who call themselves “The HappyFreaks,” have started a new art campaign to raise money to fund arts programs in public elementary schools.

The HappyFreaks have opened a new Etsy shop called CelebFilterArt. Etsy is a website that allows local artists, crafters and artisans to sell their products in their own online shop – without the hassle of an actual storefront and the ability to market to a global audience.

The art pieces feature portraits of famous celebrities, such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, with what the brothers call, “a social media twist.” The portraits all feature one of the lenses from social media application Snapchat. For example, Marilyn Monroe and Drake have a lens that gives them dog ears or a slobbering tongue. Albert Einstein is puking rainbows.

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Image via

According to their mission statement on the Etsy shop, the brothers say, “CelebFilterArt was born to make us all stop and smile. If we don’t our precious lives will pass us by.”

Mike Fiorito also said, “Our artwork is also meant to encourage people to not take life too seriously.”

A portion of all profits from the portraits will be donated to the Adopt the Arts Foundation, a non-profit funding school arts programs, something that is of utmost importance to the Fioritos.

“We created CelebFilterArt because we believe it is important to foster the creativity, dreams, and imaginations of our children,” Mike said.

Photo courtesy of Mike Fiorito

Photo courtesy of Mike Fiorito

This is not the first time the Fiorito brothers have taken on a worthy cause. Back in December, the duo’s “Blankets of Hope” campaign collected and passed out blankets and jackets to the homeless population of Manhattan.

The portraits start at $14.99 each and can be purchased at

Their work can also be found on their website 


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