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Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps
1345 70th Street.

A three-story, four-unit residential construction has been planned for the space at 1345 70th Street in Dyker Heights, real estate site YIMBY reports.

“An anonymous Brooklyn-based corporation has filed applications” for the building, YIMBY writes, estimated to “measure 7,034 square feet with its residential units averaging 1,339 square feet apiece, indicative of condominiums.”

According to the Office of the City Register, a deed, filed on October 28 of this year, is on record in the amount of $1,100,000 with the seller listed as Charles Graffeo and the buyer as 1345 Wonderland Corp.

The property, according to NYCityMap, sits in an R5B zoning district – which, according to New York City Planning, permits low-density general residences with a maximum building height of 33 feet and a maximum floor area ratio of 1.35, , a measurement that reflects the ratio between the total floor area of the building and the square footage of the lot on which it is built. Front yards must be at least five feet deep, equivalent to adjacent buildings.

“Although an R5B contextual district permits detached and semi-detached buildings, it is primarily a three-story rowhouse district typical of such neighborhoods as Windsor Terrace and Bay Ridge,” according to the Department of City Planning. “The traditional quality of R5B districts is reflected in the district’s height and setback, front yard and curb cut regulations that maintain the character of the neighborhood.”

According to YIMBY, there will also be four off-street parking spaces, two of which will be housed in a garage.

Currently, a two-story house built sometime around 1925 sits on the 40-foot-wide, 4,000-square-foot plot and demolition permits have not yet been filed.


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