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A car crashed into the facades of Tiny Tails and Sensory Tree late yesterday, severely damaging the storefronts.

A driver who was allegedly under the influence, going northbound on 20th Avenue, swerved off the road, sideswiped two cars and smashed through the storefronts of a pediatric occupational therapy office and a dog groomer that also housed rescues at 11:30 p.m. on Monday, June 5, according to cops.

The driver, Leland Chang, 36, was found unconscious in his vehicle according to an NYPD representative. He was treated with Narcan, a drug administered in narcotic overdose emergencies, and later arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired with drugs, according to police. No other injuries were reported.

While there were no injuries and all rescue animals have been accounted for, damage to both Bensonhurst stores was severe. The front of Sensory Tree,  the pediatric occupational therapy office, was destroyed as the 2016 BMW crashed through its waiting room. The side wall of Tiny Tails, the dog groomer, was demolished, and the store was unable to get in contact with clients.

There were a lot of tears. Those walls aren’t just walls, they are an extension of us. This is our world,” said Kristin Livan, Tiny Tails owner. “As the shock wore off, we were relieved that no one was hurt, that it wasn’t in the middle of a busy day and we came together with a plan to go forward.”

Livan says they are waiting on an inspection from the Department of Buildings to begin repairs, and she hopes to be up and running in a week.

Owners of Sensory Tree, 7408 20th Avenue, could not be reached for comment.


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