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BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta
BROOKLYN MEDIA GROUP/Photos by Arthur De Gaeta
Campanella raised $256 through her night of food and fun.

She is helping the world, one party at a time.

Maria “the Ice Cream Girl” Campanella hosted her second fundraiser for those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, raising a total of $256 through a Valentine’s Day Party filled with desserts and fun.

The February 6 event was held at Café Di Giorno, 62 Avenue U, and looked to support the millions of Puerto Rican residents impacted by the deadly category 4 hurricane that hit the island last September.

“We came out to try to make a difference in the world,” Campanella said.

The event raised $128 through a turnout of 20 people, through Campanella’s friend Robert Marshall matched that sum so that the final total raised was $256. Campanella said she was grateful for all the support she received, whether people came to the event or not.

Campanella’s first event for Puerto Rico raised $1,082, and featured pizza and spumoni eating contests at the famous L&B Spumoni Gardens.

“Just because we did it once doesn’t mean we’re done. We’re not done until people feel good,” Campanella said of her choice to host a second relief event for Puerto Rico. She asserted that the citizens of Puerto Rico still need help, and called the conditions that people are living in “chaos.”

“We can’t take it for granted with Mother Nature, when it’s going to strike,” she said.

Campanella said she hopes that just as her community helps those in need, others would return the favor if her neighborhood were ever in need.

“That’s real love. These days and times, it’s not in a card, it’s not in the mouth — it’s in the heart,” she said. “It’s gotta come from the heart. And to do things for strangers, that’s heart.

“I can’t save the world by myself, but with a lot of people, we could help in little amounts,” said Campanella.


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