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Photos courtesy of William Chin
Photos courtesy of William Chin
Students from I.S. 62 who participated in the district-wide fair.

Science and technology were in the spotlight on Wednesday, April 5 as District 20 students took to Edward B. Shallow Junior High School in Bensonhurst to participate in a district-wide science and STEM/STEAM fair, dubbed by organizers as the STEM/STEAM/Makers Expo.

Students from 38 schools were on hand for the exposition of science, technology, engineering, math and art projects — all of which used either the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process. Kids in kindergarten through eighth grade participated.

Later that evening, District 20 Superintendent Karina Costantino honored all of the district’s science teachers at Community Education Council (CEC) 20’s monthly meeting.

“There were approximately 140 teachers invited,” CEC 20 President Laurie Windsor. “[The] majority of them came out and all of them received a certificate from the superintendent. It was a very lovely presentation and the teachers were thrilled to be recognized and honored.”


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