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Do you think the 25 MPH speed limit passed by the City Council will make the streets safe?

Streets that have schools and playgrounds should benefit. I think it will be difficult to enforce the speed limit city wide.

Anthony P.

Bay Ridge

I don’t know, since I haven’t seen drivers follow the current 30 MPH speed limit. It could cause traffic difficulties.

Charles D.

Bay Ridge

Yes, especially in the Bay Ridge area, which has a fair amount of children and schools. It should make our kids safer, which is a good thing.

Raymond D.

Bay Ridge

It should help lower injuries. In this neighborhood, I see cars driving 60 MPH and blowing stop signs. I see an accident a month. Cops need to enforce it. They should also add speed bumps on streets.

Tom B.

Bay Ridge

I think it will only make a slight difference. They need to install more speed cameras.

George A.

Bay Ridge

It may make streets safer, but pedestrians and bicyclists can be to blame too. They need to be more careful because they cause accidents too.

Richie H.

Bay Ridge

It can keep the streets safer if they can enforce it. The younger drivers are going way too fast around here.

Vincent T.

Bay Ridge

Yeah, I’m for it. It’s a good idea. I think it will help prevent accidents. Bay Ridge has a lot of elderly people so it will help them when crossing.

Tia H.

Bay Ridge


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