LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Making Paul’s case

The story behind the story Choosing A President(Common Sense: Jerry Kassar – January 11) is New Hampshire primaryvoters giving Paula strong second place showing makes the casethatlibertarian Republican Texas Congressmember Ron Paul isreallythebest GOP candidate for president.

He is polling #1 with under-30, first time andindependent voters. All threeare critical in building a winningcoalition in the November general election.

Many voters,likePaul, cherish economic and civilliberties. We believe what consenting adults consume, inhale,perform, read or view in the privacy of their own home or privatesocial club isn’t the concern of government. Individual economicand civil liberties prosper best when government stays out of boththe bedroom and marketplace.

Paul opposes the massive deficit spending that hasresulted in today’s $15 trillion long term debt. HealsoopposesCongressional earmarks supporting tens of billions ofdollars in pork barrel member item spending. He isno fan ofcorporate welfare or spending billions on useless weapons systemssupported by Congress.

Paul offers voters a real choice versus the otherGOP Presidential candidates who collectively offer more of thestatus quo.

-Larry Penner

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