Bishop Kearney’s JV basketball team are champs

Kearney’s junior varsity team had a very exciting season, under the leadership of coach Nick Crimeni and assistant coaches Taylor Raccuglia and Norah Marley. Their enthusiasm and leadership led the team to a first-place finish in the league.

Although the team is not large, they more than make up for it in dedicated and enthusiastic play. Freshmen on the team worked very well together and played a huge role in the win. In the championship game, they were well matched against St. Edmund’s and the score was very close up to the last few minutes, when the Tigers surged to a three-point lead, finishing 38-35.

At the end of the game, Kyla Tacopina (Breezy Point) was presented with the Marie Sisti Sportsmanship Award and Crimeni was named Junior Varsity Coach of the Year.

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