Casper’s Cure a success

Thirteen thousand dollars were raised on the evening of Saturday, October 20, as part of an effort to contribute to Sarcoma research and treatment.

“Casper’s Cure,” which took place at Sirico’s Catering Hall, 13th Avenue and 81st Street, was organized by Miss Verrazano, Christina Moore, in honor of her five-year survivor aunt, Josephine Schiavo, who was present among the approximately 140 guests.

“I’m really happy with the outcome,” Moore said, speaking of how this year’s fundraiser has been the biggest (financially) yet. “I’m appreciative of the Brooklyn and Staten Island communities. It’s been successful because of them.”

The proceeds of the event went toward three different charities: The Sarcoma Alliance, the Sarcoma Foundation of America, and the Frankie Loccisano Memorial Foundation.

In addition, a portion benefitted a three year-old named Taylor, from Indiana, who has been battling Sarcoma for the last eight months. “I have been following her story,” Moore added, “and she just stole my heart.”

Representatives of the organizations spoke at the event. Camille Loccisano, founder of the Frankie Loccisano Memorial Foundation, and Jim Johnston, treasurer and soon to be president of the Sarcoma Alliance, stood up in behalf on the recipients.

Schiavo provided her personal insights. “My attitude has always been a positive one, no matter what,” she said, “and that is why I am able to call myself a survivor.” She touched on her disease and on how being hopeful and never giving up have helped keep her alive.

State Senator Marty Golden stopped by and Borough President Marty Markowitz sent a proclamation.

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