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Battle Week begins with the Maryland 400

The kickoff to Battle of Brooklyn Week went off without a hitch at the Maryland 400 Commemoration, starting the annual tribute off with a bang and a march.

“We’ve been doing this since 1976,” said Kathleen McDonagh, parade chairperson and president of the Irish American Parade Committee which co-sponsored the week’s first event alongside the Michael A. Rawley, Jr. American Legion Post.

Serving as the official opening ceremony for Battle Week, which strives to provide recognition for the soldiers of the fledgling nation who fought in the August, 1776, encounter with British troops, the Maryland 400 Commemoration honored the brave men of the Maryland 400 who fought to protect the Old Stone House.

Brooklynites, historians and even Marylanders in attendance were welcomed by Lone Bagpiper Bob O’Hare followed by reflective words from Post Commander Michael Gandia, Post Adjutant Pete DeAngelis and McDonagh.

McDonagh led the parade committee members in their march which began at the post headquarters at Eighth Street off Third Avenue and ended at the Old Stone House on Third Street off Fifth Avenue.

“I think it’s a very nice event,” said McDonagh. “Because of it, more of the people of Brooklyn will realize this was the beginning of the American country.”

The parade committee president re-iterated feelings of avid followers of Battle of Brooklyn Week.

“This is something that should be taught in all of the schools so that the children know that this is American history,” she said. “It should be taught in all of the New York City and even the state schools because it’s here in Brooklyn where we started.”

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