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62nd Precinct honors cop of the month

The suspect behind four robberies in just two days – including an incident in which two 12-year-olds were robbed of their jewelry – has been caught by the 62nd Precinct and the cop who made the collar has been honored as Cop of the Month. Police Officer Edward Nogol was honored on Tuesday, November 19 at the monthly Community Council meeting.

The awarded officer apprehended a repeat offender with five previous arrests under his belt, matching the suspect’s patterns and description to those given at the recent incidents. According to 62nd Precinct commander, Captain Bill Taylor, the suspect had been pinned to a number of crimes committed by means of bicycle in the areas of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach.

Nogol was humbled by the handful of citations from the city and local elected officials.

“The cops there in uniform, they’re doing a good job,” said Taylor. “They’re really the glue that keeps our neighborhoods together.”

According to the 62nd Precinct, there have been no reports of robberies matching the suspect’s pattern – via bicycle – since his arrest.

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