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Cove Reunion gears up and gives back for the Guild

Bands, fans, family and friends gathered for a good cause in the spirit of good music on Saturday, October 19. Bay Ridge bar The Salty Dog was packed with the very same bands that once packed out the Cove, a once-top spot in Brooklyn, reuniting for their annual benefit concert for The Guild for Exceptional Children.

“It was fantastic,” said Mike Riddle of former band City Kids, who reunited alongside Workin’ Class and the Lynch Boys. “We raised a good amount of money and the music was as good as could be. All the bands were excellent.”

“Each year, we turn it more and more into a bigger and better fundraiser,” he continued. “The Guild is a homegrown Brooklyn organization certainly worthy of any donations we can make. We just kind of kept on going with it.”

Musician and Executive Director of the Guild for Exceptional Children Paul Cassone, a friend of Riddle’s, himself made it center-stage, rocking out with friends for a cause near to his heart. According to Riddle, among the most notable aspects of the annual event is the revival of Cove originals.

“It’s about the only time you’re going to see those bands because they don’t exist anymore except for this particular event,” he said.

Since its inception, the event has only grown in size – and in power. The fundraiser, once a suggested donation, now brings in at least $20 per person with ticketed entry for high-quality entertainment, food and raffles. Years later, the guys behind it are still happy to see the results go to a good cause.

“We really got to know the Guild and we got to see a little bit more of what the Guild actually does,” said Riddle. “We felt a real connection to the Guild. I like to try and help people if we can and I like any opportunity to get back together with my band.”

When asked how it feels to pick back up with City Kids, Riddle was overwhelmed.

“A chill goes up your spine,” he said. “We were professionals back in the day. We made our living playing music. It was a lot of good times and a lot of rough times, but it’s all worth it today.”

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