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DINING OUT: The Brew Inn

Greenpoint’s newest cornerstone The Brew Inn packs a punch, putting a cultural spin on classic bar grub and serving up some of New York City’s finest craft beer. The menu, created by Chef C.J. Bivona, was built around one giant cook-top grill and the neighborhood of Greenpoint.

Inspired by the area’s powerful Polish heritage, owner Martin Cyran transformed the family-owned restaurant into a hand-crafted corner bar and eatery complete with do-it-yourself wooden walls and seats that once served as church pews. The Brew Inn’s cozy yet gothic feel adds to its intimacy. Door handles made of beer taps and wooden architecture add to the homemade feel and relaxed vibe.

“Our goal is to produce a good quality product at a good quality price so a young, hip crowd can come and enjoy good food, good beer and good music with a crowd that is probably right on the same page,” explained Bivona.

Chef Amy Cunningham agreed. Bivona and Cunningham have been a team before, working together at a grassroots table and bar in Miami Beach, Florida called Yardbird.

The two drew from Yardbird classics for their Brooklyn-based menu.

From starters to salads and sandwiches, the Brew Inn offers up over a dozen locally crafted beers, lagers and ciders to match your meal. From Doc’s Pear Cider to Brooklyn’s own Coney Island Mermaid draft beer, from pierogies to po-boys, it’s all available in perfect portion sizes.

Starters like the deviled eggs ($8) and the grilled pierogi ($9) come with a kick. The deviled eggs topped with mustard seeds are potent, providing an interesting twist to the traditional dish. The yolk, easily mistaken for hummus, is thick and creamy but doesn’t overwhelm the delicate hard-boiled egg. The pierogi, hand-made by the family of Cyran, come grilled to perfection on a bed of pickled cabbage with Dijon mustard sauce. Tossed with mushrooms and onions, the pierogi pairings change daily.

Chef Bivona’s favorite dish, House Bacon and Apple Sauce, runs just $11. The team purees its own green apples, pairing the result with triple cut confit pork belly and topping it with apple crisps. Sweet and savory, the applesauce compliments the house bacon, so tender you could cut it with a fork.

The Buzzed Greens Salad ($9) showcases beer bread croutons, lager-soaked raisins and smoked cheddar on a bed of kale topped with apple cider vinaigrette and is light but filling.

Signature Brew Inn dishes include Greenpoint Kilebasy “Rueben” ($11), the Shrimp Po’ Boy ($12) and Korean-inspired Riblets ($13). The kilebasy is cooked to perfection on a bed of rye bread smothered in melty Swiss and Manhattan Island dressing: a modern spin on the Polish delicacy.

The Po’ boy serves up grilled shrimp with a tangy, mouth-watering PBR barbecue sauce on a soft hoagie roll. The riblets nearly fall off the bone, soaked in a unique soy marinated Korean barbecue sauce.

Also on the menu are rotating sides, which, according to Bivona and Cunningham, will switch daily.

Come on down to the brand new Brew Inn, open for business as of Wednesday, November 13, for what Chef Cunningham calls “good food, good beer and good times.”


924 Manhattan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11222


Monday-Thursday: 4 p.m.-2 a.m.

Friday: 4 p.m.– 4 a.m.

Saturday: 11 a.m.– 4 a.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

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