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Second-time honorees celebrated as 62 cops of the month


Two fast-acting police officers were honored for their hard work, dedication and a recent three-hour crime-solve at the 62nd Precinct Community Council’s March 18 meeting.

“Because of these guys, our crime is down 20 percent,” stressed Captain Bill Taylor, the precinct’s commanding officer, congratulating Sergeants Christopher Dixon and Christopher Santiago – both second-time honorees, honored last October for apprehending five suspects wanted in connection to a string of home invasions. “We’re incredibly proud of them.”

According to Taylor, immediately following the January Community Council meeting at the 62nd Precinct, local resident and meeting attendee Mary Placanica reported her iPad missing. Dixon immediately turned to the Find My iPhone application and used the GPS to track the whereabouts of the missing tablet. Santiago and Dixon first picked up a signal at 18th Avenue and 79th Street.

The team then followed the signal to the back of a restaurant where they found the iPad in the bag of a suspect eating a meal, just three hours after the iPad was reported missing, and after both Verizon Wireless and Apple had told the victim there was nothing that could be done.

“They found something the makers of the phone couldn’t even find,” said Placanica. “They are why this is one of the best precincts in Brooklyn.”

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