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Housing clinics aim to serve South Brooklyn

The Independent Committee for Southern Brooklyn had homeowners, renters and just about anybody with a roof over their head in mind when it hosted a series of housing clinics on Thursday, March 20 at Coney Island Hospital.

“We’re trying to educate the people down here on their tenant rights,” said Larry Jayson, owner of Brooklyn Housing and Family Services, the team there ready to answer any questions local Brooklynites might have about their housing situations.

According to Jayson, education is the team’s biggest goal this year.

“Our goal is to do more education-wise,” he explained. “People certainly always need to know what they’re rights are, and unfortunately, many people don’t.”

Jayson was joined by fellow experts Rey Torres, Jonathan Goss and Inna Lukyanenko, all ready to address any and all concerns – from lead poisoning and bedbugs to housing courts and rent protection for seniors.

“The policy is that if somebody needs help, we’re going to help them,” Jayson continued.

The event was curated by Arthur Melnick of the Independent Committee for Southern Brooklyn, a newer committee, still in the stages of recruitment, with one ultimate goal: serving Southern Brooklyn.

“We want to identify problems,” said Melnick, “and start addressing them.”

Melnick was especially excited to provide the community with the opportunity to speak with friendly professionals about mortgages, foreclosures, rent and tenant rights.

“We’re going to have more of these sessions,” Melnick explained, adding that Brooklynites should be on the lookout for upcoming events sponsored by the committee. “We want to hear from the community, and we want to lend a hand.”

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