Rose helps secure equipment for laboratory in Bensonhurst to begin antibody testing for coronavirus

U.S. Rep. Max Rose announced that following his efforts to help secure equipment, a Bensonhurst laboratory has begun antibody testing for COVID-19.

It was announced on Monday, April 20 that Lenco Diagnostic Laboratories, 1857 86th St., recently begun the testing.

Antibody tests are performed using blood specimens collected from individuals who may have been infected with COVID-19.

The tests help determine whether patients were recently infected or exposed to the COVID-19 infection in the past, and may determine an overall immune response to the virus.

According to Rose, he and his office have worked closely with Lenco to secure necessary approvals and equipment necessary for the antibody testing.

Rose discussed the importance of antibody testing in a statement.

“While we’re making progress in our fight against the coronavirus, there’s no path forward that doesn’t include massive amounts of testing and antibody testing—and I’m proud that Brooklyn’s own Lenco will be playing a critical role in that effort,” he said. “Securing all the necessary approvals and equipment has been a serious challenge for Lenco given the circumstances, and I’m proud we were able to break through the red-tape and help them begin running COVID-19 antibody testing.”

Rose also helped secure testing swabs and reagents, the necessary chemicals to run the test, which allowed Lenco to continue COVID-19 testing.

“We serve large institutions and hospitals such as Maimonides Medical Center, Care for the Homeless, SUNY Downstate and other critical health centers located in Brooklyn, and other parts of New York City and the surrounding area,” added Robert Boorstein, MD, PhD, Lenco’s Medical Director. “This is why we are so proud to announce that we have launched antibody testing for coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be running IgG and IgM antibody work for Maimonides Medical Center, the largest hospital in Brooklyn, starting this week.”

Boorstein added that they still face many challenges.

“Anything we need to run thousands of tests daily, there are supply chain issues—testing swabs, reagents, instrumentation, everything,” he said. “Thankfully, Congressman Max Rose took on those challenges with us. Our invaluable work could not have been possible without the Congressman’s persistence and strong advocacy in helping us attain the necessary testing supplies throughout this crisis.

He added, “Rose’s effort continues to be invaluable in assisting our hospitals and our community in overcoming this pandemic. In times of national health crises, quality laboratory testing is absolutely critical to mobilizing effective public health response and we thank Congressman Max Rose from the bottom of our heart for truly rising to the occasion by helping us provide our critical laboratory services for our community.”

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