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    This article is not all interesting. I started reading it then got totally bored by the mundane everyday stuff that is not much different from what I went through in college back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I was an honor student in high school and could easy write my essay and I graduated in the top 20% of my 1988 class. When I get to the University of Florida in the Fall of 1988 I soon realized that I was just average at best in University academics. I was competing against the best kids from all over the State of Florida many of whose parents were rich and invested heavily in their childrens’ education. Some of those kids were well prepared but not really motivated. They didn’t study or go to classes and often didn’t prepare for exams. So even though their parents were rich they ended up flunking out of school and dropping out. Other kids did not have rich parents but were highly motivated. I counted myself among them. Eventually after much hardship I graduated from the engineering college. It was after graduation that I learned how much of an advantage white affluent kids have over everyone else. The connections their parents have in industry allowed them to get the best jobs with the best salaries. The genius kids no matter their social strata usually ended up going to great graduate schools. But the average students like myself who came from poor and especially non-white working families had a really hard time finding work. I thought college was hard but the hardships paled in comparison to what I experienced in the workplace. It’s there where the real abuses of wealth, race and social strata are most evident!

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