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Photo courtesy of Bob Cavaliere
Photo courtesy of Bob Cavaliere
Luis “Sizzler” Cruz in big trouble facing Zaire “Postman” Thomas and Nicholas “Bone breaker” Watson.

PYO Jets 32 – PYO Bears 19

In the final rumble in Parkville’s Tony Gallo Full Tackle Football Program, the PYO Jets and Bears were all fired up and determined to finish the season in glory.

The pregame pep talk by the Jets’ coach must have been more than inspiring to generate such enthusiasm. The excitement began when Nicolas “Night Train” Esposito tossed Luis “Sizzler” Cruz a slick spiral to draw first blood. Then Cruz kicked it up a notch and ran 25 yards to score the second TD and the extra point.

The PYO Bears rallied and came back with some amazing moves of their own. Jack “Sure Thing” Lally took the snap and with a little razzle dazzle broke two tackles and charged 28 yards to golden soil to hit the boards. Then Lally shot a pass to Vincent Graffo for the extra point.

Although the Bears looked like they were showing signs of a strong comeback, “Night Train” Esposito wasn’t finished with his assault. A bullet pass to the “Sizzler” and a grueling 15-yard trek breaking tackles gave the Jets their third TD, the second for Esposito and Cruz, and the Jets soared into the second quarter with a hefty 20-7 lead.

Looking at a 13-point deficit, the PYO Bears beefed up their defenses and pushed hard to score. Louis “No Way” Martinez set the example with his fierce determination and Steve “Bone Crusher” Navarro with his leadership ability.

Alessandro “Hammer Time” Alioto and Ben “A-Train” Watson hit the line harder than ever and refused to yield an inch of Parkville turf. But the Jets were on a roll and Julian “TNT” Lopez and Enrique Valerio motivated their squad not to stop their forward motion.

Jaxon Witherspoon made two interceptions and an awesome 40-yard charge to score for the Jets, setting the tally to 26-7. Well, that didn’t sit well with Charles Kitsakos,“the Rocket.” He took control and began a tough journey down field, breaking tackle after tackle to add six points to the Bear side of the scoreboard. At the half, the Jets were up to a cool 26-13 advantage.

The third quarter belonged to the Bears with an exciting performance by “Sure Thing” Lally that included a touchdown. Other Bear players that made their mark on the game and became Bear assets were Robert Navarro, Michael Pinzon, Elias Rivera and Daniel Simonian.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Jets stood tall with an impressive 26-13 lead and Enrique Valerio and Mario “Shot Gun” Orlando were not going to give it up. In fact, Witherspoon increased their lead after a slick interception and a touchdown run.

The Bears did everything they could to stop the Jet onslaught. Even after Ben “A Train” Watson made an awesome fumble recovery. “No Way” Martinez, Bassam Awawdeh, “Bone Crusher” Navarro and “Rocket” Kitsakos just couldn’t turn the tide and prevent the Jets 32-19 victory.




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