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Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps
Sheepshead Bay.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday, September 15, a curfew on party boats that populate Sheepshead Bay. Starting next spring, all of the party boats in Sheepshead Bay will be subject to a 11 p.m. curfew. The move serves to quell the noise, overcrowding and other quality-of-life issues stemming from the boats, which have been seen as a plague by some community members.

According to 45th District Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz, the most recent party boat season has resulted in major traffic issues and scuffles, including a near-melee on Emmons Avenue in August that began after the arrival of a party boat one night.

“As long as we have thousands of people cramming onto our docks, spilling out into the streets, getting off the boats drunk and noisy, throwing litter around and causing a ruckus in the middle of a residential neighborhood, my opposition to the party boats will remain,” said Cymbrowitz.


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