Brian Kieran


— We the People: Politics shouldn’t trump sensible policy-making

— We the People: City should actively combat quality-of-life and other crimes

— We the People: Law and order

— We the People: In the wake of the death of Freddie Gray

— We the People: Doing good for its own sake helps maintain quality of life in city

— We the People: Balancing justice and quality of life

— We the people: We need statesmanship, not demagoguery from our elected officials

— We the People: Scrutiny and unity – only things that can stop crimes by terrorists

Bay Ridge — We the People: U.S. involvement in the Mideast can take place behind the scenes

— We the people: Return of cell phones to schools not necessarily “reform”

— We the People: Use the facts, not the spin, when making judgments

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