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I encourage the use of bicycles and wholly endorse programs like this - BUT only if bicyclists are REQUIRED to follow the rules of the road!! My experience is that 95% of the bicyclists pay no attention to the rules of the road. They endanger everyone by not obeying traffic signals - they blow through red signals while pedestrians are trying to cross, they ride illegal on the sidewalks, they cut off cars, they don't stay in bike lanes when available, they go the wrong way on one-way streets. How about addressing this and requiring bicyclists to OBEY the RULES??? Just to be clear - I ride a bicycle too, so I am not anti bikes. Just anti reckless bicyclists!!

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February 12, 2018 / 2:31 AM
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Why not improve the overall subway service rather than making these chosen stations capitalistically state of the art?

Pizza: A Brooklyn favorite

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November 29, 2016 / 4:54 PM
Brad Lander and his sidekick Antonio Reynoso have done it again. When will these two clowns start growing up and acting their ages? What did these clowns accomplish this morning? They joined with professional agitators to disrupt both street and pedestrian traffic this money while closing a bunch of stores. These clowns are shown were a plastic throw away rain poncho - why didn't they wear a reusable cloth rain coat. This shows that they are hypocrites as these two jerks voted to tax each and every of our shopping bags a nickel because plastic is not environmental but they go ahead and wear a disposable plastic poncho. And who cleaned up the mess Landers and the agitators left behind - did the Sanitation Dept give out littering tickets? Who paid for the extra police - Lander? This rally was unnecessary and instead of representing a cause which will hurt people in the short and long run, why don't these two repeal the nickel bag tax before it starts in March?

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