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Photo courtesy of Robert Carroll
Photo courtesy of Robert Carroll
Carroll (pictured) and Hamilton are proposing two bills that they hope will increase pedestrian safety.

Brooklyn Assemblymembers Robert Carroll and Jesse Hamilton have introduced two new bills in the New York State Assembly as a response to the fatal car crash in Park Slope on March 5 that saw two children, ages one and four, struck and killed.

The first bill would require medical professionals to report patients’ chronic ailments that might impede driving to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. There is currently no such reporting system in place. The woman who was driving during the crash self-reported that she had had a seizure behind the wheel, according to the Daily News.

The second bill would create criteria for suspending a driver’s vehicle registration for 15 days after a car has received six traffic control signal violations within a 12-month period. The suspension would last 30 days if there are nine infractions in a 24-month period and 90 days if there are 12 infractions in a 36-month period. This comes as a response to the fact that the driver had 12 violations against her vehicles in the past two years, as reported by The Staten Island Advance.

Carroll said in a release that he would be working for the legislations’ “swift passage.”


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