Cobble Hill — NYU Langone proposes new, $204 million plans for emergency center

Cobble Hill — Proposed LICH Act will allow community input before hospital closures

Brooklyn Heights — State signs off on LICH sale; NYU takes over ER

— LICH sale signed; NYU Langone agrees to build medical facility

— NYU Langone returns to LICH deal

— NYU Langone pulls out of LICH sale following union lawsuit

— PRIMARY GUIDE: 52nd Assembly District

— LICH sale stalled due to lawsuit from nurse’s union

— SUNY drops Peebles Corp., begins talks with NYU/Fortis Property Group

Brooklyn Heights — LICH bidding process moves forward

Brooklyn Heights — BREAKING: State, SUNY come to tentative agreement on future of LICH

Brooklyn Heights — One year later and court wrangling continues over LICH’s fate