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ragamuffin parade

Bay Ridge — “Ragamuffin Way” street co-naming to pay tribute to decades-long parade

Bay Ridge — Ragamuffin Parade spans three generations for Bay Ridge family

Bay Ridge — Ragamuffin Parade will celebrate 50 years of Bay Ridge history

Bay Ridge — Celebrate 50 years of Ragamuffin with us!

Bay Ridge — Generally Speaking: Local TV star to lead Brooklyn Columbus Parade

Bay Ridge — Dicey weather couldn’t hold 49th Annual Ragamuffin Parade down

Bay Ridge — 49th annual Ragamuffin Parade primed for another successful day for kids

Bay Ridge — Generally Speaking: Get ready for Bay Ridge’s supersize weekend

— Generally Speaking: Scholarship queen to lead the Ragamuffin Parade

Bay Ridge — Unsung Bay Ridge: Mom at large

Bay Ridge — Generally Speaking: Golden re-elected as Ragamuffin Parade president

Bay Ridge — Generally Speaking: Back-to-back major events spotlight Bay Ridge