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transportation alternatives

Coney Island

Red-light scofflaw kills cyclist Jose Alzorriz in Midwood

Sunset Park

Sunset Park will get protected bike lanes by the end of the year, DOT says

State Legislature approves 610 new speed cameras for city streets


Bike rider Injured in Avenue I ‘Dooring’ Crash, Second Brooklyn Incident This Month

Sunset Park

Safety Advocates: Biker’s Death Could Have Been Prevented

Bay Ridge

Speed Camera Supporters Continue to Hone Their Message

Bay Ridge

Lander arrested in speed camera protest outside Golden’s office

Bay Ridge

Speed camera advocates hold 24-hour vigil outside Golden’s office

Bay Ridge

Advocates rally in Bay Ridge for safer streets

Crown Heights

Electeds ask for safer streets near Times Plaza

Bay Ridge

New Yorkers rally for Verrazano bike paths

Downtown Brooklyn

Parts of Prospect Park to become car-free