Bishop Kearney is here to stay

Despite current rumors, Bishop Kearney High School is alive andwell! Reports that Bishop Kearney is closing, that Bishop Kearneyis merging or that Bishop Kearney is going co-ed are all lies. Thefact that these rumors are being perpetuated by reliableindividuals is even more disturbing.

Seventy-three percent of Bishop Kearney’s graduating class of 2010earned $23,841,000 in college scholarships. One hundred percent ofthe class of 2010 graduated. Ninety-eight percent of the members ofthe class of 2010 are presently pursuing degrees in respected,accredited, prestigious colleges and universities. The remainingtwo percent are attending technical schools. The members of thegraduating class of 2011 are already hot on the heels of theirpredecessors. These facts speak for themselves!

As Bishop Kearney High School prepares to celebrate its 50thAnniversary next year, it stands tall, strong in its past, proud ofits present and firm in its future, as it continues, in the wordsof Bishop McEntegert at Kearney’s dedication in 1961, to providethese young women with an education second to none. Plans areunderway for a student celebration in September, an anniversarymass and reception with Bishop DiMarzio on October 22nd, 2011 and agala dinner dance on March 9th, 2012 at Russo’s on the Bay.

During the 2010-2011 school year, the administration, faculty andBoard of Trustees have been working on a long range planningprocess, facilitated by Sister Carol Cimino SSJ. This study issetting the direction for the years ahead, said Kearney’sPrincipal Sister Thomasine Stagnitta CSJ, through specific goalsand objectives, thus setting the stage to take advantage of newopportunities, ensuring Kearney’s reputation for excellence in thefuture.

Sister Virginia Hale is Bishop Kearney’s director ofinstitutional advancement.

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