Hey Jude: Help, emergency: I need to re-home my dad’s two catsnow. Redhead is a seven-year-old fixed female with all updatedshots. She is very shy, but sweet. Twinkles is also seven years oldwith updated shots and just fixed. Twinkles is a very loving,affectionate, playful cat. She was born with one eye, but it doesnot affect her. My 88-year-old father passed away and left thesetwo beautiful cats, Redhead and Twinkles, behind. I am veryallergic to them, and there is no one else that I can find to takethem. I am at my wit’s end. All the rescue agencies are full, and Idon’t want to put them where they will get put down. Is thereanyway that you can help me out? Please call Ellen Kahn,702-326-3178, Thank you and God Bless!

Adopt Scooby Doo from the Brooklyn Animal Foster Network: Agentle young soul, this young boy is the absolute poster boy foreverything that is great about the bully breed and attracts so manywonderful owners. He is wise, extremely chill and affectionate. Heis fabulous with other dogs, and cats think he is a wimp. Pleasecall Laurie at 917 754-3537 and make an appointment.

ALERT: Animal Care and Control, the AC&C Brooklyn killshelter, is looking for volunteers to answer phones in their CareCenters, a life-saving position. If you want to help make adifference, please consider this important position, which could bethe difference between life and death. Surrendered house pets needa friendly, caring voice to help them. As a Volunteer Phone ServiceRepresentative, you would be helping the public with theirquestions about AC&C animals and organization. The emphasis ison customer service, answering the phone, returning messages andfollowing up with inquiries regarding AC&C and generalanimal-related questions in a professional and courteous manner inthe care centers. If anyone is interested in becoming a phoneservice representative, please contact the Volunteer Department,, to set up an interview.

Pet Amber Alert: Spanky, a nine-year-old, black and white tuxedokitty, was lost March 30, 2010. She was last seen at 6821 BlissTerrace, Brooklyn, 11220. Spanky knows her name, and will turn ifshe hears her name. She was wearing a white flea collar. Family isheart-sick. If you have any information about their lost cat,please call 917-991-7050.

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