RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: Celebrate ‘It’s My Park Day’

This weekend will mark for many the true start of spring withthe celebration of Easter Sunday. Throughout the borough, parisheswill welcome even their most absent members, who will be sportingtheir Sunday best. Later, the streets of Brooklyn will grow silentas Easter feasts will be devoured by these very same residents.Though the temperature has been far from inviting this month, thesun is shining down on Bay Ridge, allowing buds to form on formerlybarren trees. Our parks are growing greener and neighbors havealready begun planting gardens full of Easter egg-coloredflowers.

April 22 marks the 41st anniversary of the first Earth Day and thisyear, the celebration’s theme is A Billion Acts of Green. This isa call to arms for people all over the world to participate in actsof environmental service.

Here in the Ridge, residents are ready to face the challenge.

The Shore Road Parks Conservancy is dedicated to the beautificationand maintenance of one of Brooklyn’s most beautiful spots. Lastmonth, the Conservancy kicked off its new 2011 Parks ImprovementProgram. Plans included a series of service days involving 22different volunteer groups from the area. The project willculminate in May with It’s My Park Day in Shore Road Park,bringing the community together to ensure that come summer, thespot is in perfect condition for dozens of waterfront activities,which will be posted on the community calendar.

Shore Road Park is the perfect place to play, jog, bike or to justsit and gaze out into the majestic harbor. The shoreline, with itssweeping views of Lady Liberty, visions of countless vesselspassing by and grand sunrises and sunsets is priceless. Don’t waituntil summer to take advantage of the beautiful seaside mecca wehave at our disposal. Sign up for one of the Shore Road ParksConservancy’s Improvement Program days. Let’s conserve and protectthis gift.

On April 22, celebrate Earth Day and enjoy springtime in ourfabulous neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn!

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