BROOKLYN EDUCATION: Week of June 30, 2011

Congratulations to Danielle Gordon, a recent graduate ofFontbonne Hall Academy. Danielle has been accepted into the UnitedStates Military Academy at West Point. The mission of West Point isto educate, train and inspire its cadets so that each of thembecomes a leader of character committed to the values of duty,honor and country. Danielle was an honors student at Fontbonne.

* * *

Saint Patrick School recently celebrated the members of itsNational Junior Honor Society. The members of the National JuniorHonor Society pledge and commit themselves to scholarship as ameans to achievement; character as the foundation of life;leadership as the guide to progress; service as the means to abetter future; and citizenship as a means of promoting justice.

Students in grades seven and eight with cumulative averages of90 and above are invited to apply for admission. Each applicantmust submit a letter requesting consideration for admission as wellas letters of recommendation from teachers.

The members of the St. Patrick School National Junior HonorSociety are: Christopher Batrouni, Michael Csorba, Edel Gannon,Michael Genco, Julia Herman, Amanda Larney, Phillip Maddaloni,Meagan Morales, Kyle Pagan, Brandon Schneider and MichelleZappone.

* * *

Even preschoolers can have a summer reading list. ChristineFreglette and Bina Valenzano are the co-owners of the BookMarkShoppe in Bay Ridge. Friends for over two decades, Christine andBina have always loved to read. They especially enjoy story timewith the little ones, and they recommend some great summer readsfor young children.

All the Way to America, a picture book by Dan Yaccarino, tellsthe story of immigration through the eyes of a child. Work hard,enjoy life and never forget your family.

In Ladybug Girl at the Beach, a picture book by David Soman,Lulu loves the beach but is afraid of the ocean. Find out howladybug girl can do anything!

How Rocket Learned to Read is a picture book by Tad Hills.Follow along as Rocket learns to read all on his own. Happyreading!

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