Editorial: Weiner resigns


After two excruciating weeks of lies and apologies,Congressmember Anthony Weiner has done the right thing byresigning.

Embarrassed by an ever-expanding sexting scandal, and the myriadof lies with which he attempted to cover it up, Weiner had reachedthe point of no return – an embarrassment to his family, hissupporters and, most relevantly, his constituents.

It was a deeply chastened Anthony Weiner who stood before thepress on Thursday afternoon in the spot where he had launched hispolitical career nearly two decades ago and called it quits.

Today, I’m announcing my resignation from Congress so that Ican continue to heal from the damage that I have caused, Weinertold the large crowd of reporters crammed into a room at theCouncil Center for Seniors on Quentin Road.

As the never-ending stream of revelations and compromisingphotos taken semi-nude in dubious and off-limits areas like theHouse gym streamed into the newspapers last weekend, we knew it wasfinally over for the man who aspired to be mayor.

But, he still wasn’t ready to face reality. Barraged by thequestion, Will you resign? he said No, No, and again, No,before the emphatic no’s finally changed to yes.

We wonder why it took so long for Weiner to realize that he hadjettisoned his own political future.

And, we wonder why Weiner – like numerous other electedofficials from erstwhile presidential hopeful John Edwards to VitoFossella, the former congressmember from southwest Brooklyn whobelieved so strongly in family values that he had one family onStaten Island and a second in Virginia – thought his personalquirks would remain private.

Weiner’s fate should serve as a warning to all politicians andwould-be politicians that, if you are in office or want to run foroffice, your personal life will likely become an open book, and youwill have to answer to the public for your private actions.

In other words, if you aren’t proud of something you are doing,don’t do it.

In the 21st century, that’s Politics 101.

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