CULTURE BRIEFS: Week of July 21st


For anyone who likes to enjoy their Brooklyn history with a coldone, the Brooklyn Historical Society turns their 128 PierrepontStreet location into beer garden on the last Thursday of everymonth, with pours provided by the Brooklyn Brewery. This month’sevent, held on July 28, will feature music from the Bobbed-HairedBandit, a musical on the life of Brooklyn laundress turnedcriminal, Celia Cooney.

Songs from the show, which will debut at the New York InternationalFringe Festival this August, feature a sound from the era Cooneylived in — the 1920s. The performance starts at 7:30 p.m. and theevent runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., during which time the HistoricalSociety’s first floor galleries will remain open. For moreinformation, go to


The Underground Railroad was an organized network of individualswho helped runaway slaves escape captivity in the late 18th tomid-19th century. On Sunday, July 31 at 11 a.m., the organizationUrban Park Rangers in conjunction with the New York City Departmentof Parks and Recreation will offer a bus tour of important localstops on that historic secret network.

The tour, which starts at a currently undisclosed location withinFort Greene Park, will be three hours long. It’s free, but therewill be a lottery to determine which 11 history buffs will beallowed on the bus. To be eligible to be a part of Civil War NewYork: The Underground Railroad Van Trip, register by typing in Underground Railroad into thesite’s search box. If you’re one of the lucky 11, event organizerswill tell you where to catch the bus.


It may not be the most permanent medium for a sculptor, but theart studio is spacious and the materials are plentiful. On August6, from noon to 5 p.m. Astella Development Corporation will hostthe 21st Annual Sand Sculpting Contest and Unity Day from West 10thto West 12th Street at Coney Island. The event will take place onthe beach and the boardwalk, and will feature face painting andcraft activities for kids. Cash prizes will be awarded to the topthree contestants in five categories: individual adult, individualchild, adult group, child group and mixed (children and adults).For more information, go to:


Early this year, an album was released with a soulful gritreminiscent of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, but with a freshspirit that trumpeted the arrival of a new sound deeply anchored inthe classics. Call it working man’s funk. At age 63, after a lifeof what he describes in one of his songs as heartache and pain,Charles Bradley’s time has come. No Time for Dreaming, anemotion-drenched state of the union address in soul form, is aseismic debut album, by a singer who it is almost silly to call anew artist. Catch what may be the show of the summer, Tuesday, July26 at Fort Greene Park at 85 South Oxford Street. The show is freeas part of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy 2011 Summer Series.Also featured on the bill are rapper Beans of the Anti-PopConsortium and DJ Todd-O-Phonic Todd. Find out the details and hear Charles Bradley’s music

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