According to a piece written by Christopher Gray for the NewYork Times

The Weir legacy started here in Bay Ridge, then known as YellowHook, when James Weir emigrated from Scotland in 1844. In 1850, heset up his first florist shop which blossomed to a large network ofnurseries and greenhouses throughout the small villages of the Townof New Utrecht.

Weir lived on 65th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues. Hewas later joined in the flourishing floral business by his son,James Jr., who quickly became successful in his own right and thenset up shop in the southern section of the City of Brooklyn, whichis now known as Sunset Park or what present-day realtors arecalling the neighborhood closest to Green-Wood Cemetery– GreenwoodHeights.

Remember, back in the Weir days, the southernmost boundary ofBrooklyn stopped at approximately 60th Street. James Weir, Jr. tookup residence at 235 25th Street and had a greenhouse constructed onthe southwest corner of Fifth Avenue just up the block from his newabode.

As his business continued to grow, the young James Weir waselected as an alderman in the Brooklyn City municipal legislatureand he opened a successful flower shop on Montague Street.

The elder Weir — who was a prominent landowner and a vestrymanat Yellow Hook’s Christ Episcopal Church — met with the local towngentry on December 16, 1853 at the Yellow Hook No. 2 Schoolhouse onThird Avenue at the northeast corner of 73rd Street where heproposed to the gathering that the name Yellow Hook be changed toBay Ridge.

With the New Utrecht Town Supervisor (Mayor) Teunis Bergen, alocal landowner and later a congressman presiding, a resolution tothat effect was unanimously passed, thus literally making Weir theFather of Bay Ridge.

A large bronze plaque commemorating the event, paying tribute toWeir and in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the new name,is attached to the outside wall of the Bay Ridge Library, at 73rdStreet and Ridge Boulevard. A block north on the east side of RidgeBoulevard is Public School 102, also known as the Bay View School,the successor to the Yellow Hook school house.

James Weir, Sr. died at his 65th Street Bay Ridge residence onMay 27, 1891, and is buried ironically in Green-Wood Cemetery,perhaps a stone’s throw away from the Weir greenhouse.


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz traded in his suit,tie and Florsheims for Khaki shorts, a Lighten Up T-shirt andrunning shoes as he led a group of health fair participants on aquick trek from Borough Hall to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade,part of his 10th annual Lighten Up campaign to encourageBrooklynites and others to eat healthy and exercise.


We would like to add our toast and high five to New YorkYankees’ Captain Derek Jeter who now has pounded over 3,000 hitsfor the Bronx Bombers. This just about guarantees his election tothe national Baseball Hall of Fame.

It must be the curse of Walter O’Malley who, over the objectionsof thousands of Brooklyn fans, moved the Dodgers to Los Angeles. Ifthey had stayed here maybe they wouldn’t be facing bankruptcy todayon the West Coast?


Since Assemblymember (and former Councilmember) David Weprin hasbeen designated the Democratic candidate of choice in the September13 special election to fill the seat vacated by CongressmemberAnthony Weiner, someone locally who perhaps knows Welprin the bestis his former communications director, George Fontas, a member ofCommunity Board 10 and a prior campaign manager for CouncilmemberVinnie Gentile.

Talking about communications directors, Gentile’s pressspokesperson Dena Libner just jumped ship and will be working forthe Central Park Conservancy as deputy public affairs director.Marty Markowitz also has a new communications honcho, Jon PaulLupo.

In addition, Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Chief Russell Gallo hasbeen tapped to head the Young Republican volunteers for the BobTurner for Congress campaign. Turner is the GOP designee to clashswords with David Weprin.

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