EDITORIAL: Munimeters on the way

It’s not often that Brooklynites get good news on the parkingmeter front.

With rates going up this week, as the city’s Department ofTransportation resets meters in the borough to give only 15 minutesfor the same quarter that used to buy 20 minutes, motorists will behappy to hear that the city has also begun installing munimeters toreplace individual parking meters across the borough wherever thosemeters still exist, with the goal of completing the project by Juneof next year.

This is good news for both residents and businesses. Munimeterstypically increase parking where they are installed because they donot limit parking to a specified number of vehicles but, rather,allow parking by as many as can fit.

This means more parking, which in turn means less circling bydrivers seeking parking spaces, less fumes spewed into the air,less noise, a reduction in traffic backups and fuel savings toboot.

Motorists will benefit and so will the stores and restaurants whichdepend on turnover in parking spots to bring them customers, adistinct plus in an economy where merchants are seeking any edgethat can help them turn a profit and stay in business.

In neighborhoods like Sunset Park, Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst,parking is an especially valuable commodity, an essential resourcethat is defined by its scarcity. While it cannot solve the problem,augmenting the number of spots by reallocating curbside space willease it, and make life in the city just a little lessstressful.

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