ASK THE DA: Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of this week’s column is to answer a number of inquiriesranging from requesting help with finding a pending criminal case,to learning how to report suspected child abuse, and requestingaide with obtaining orders of protection.

•Find Case Information — WebCrims, a free case informationsystem, enables you to view pending criminal cases in local andsuperior courts for all of New York City. You may search for thecase by name or designated case number. The NYS Unified CourtSystem provides this service which can be found

•Report Child Abuse — If you suspect child abuse, report yoursuspicions without delay. Following an investigation it may beconcluded that the child is not being abused or neglected, butthankfully, due to your call, the family will finally receivemuch-needed assistance. The Child Abuse Hotline number at the NewYork State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment is(800) 342-3720. The website for the SCR Call 911 if it appears thatimmediate action needs to be taken to protect the welfare of thechild.

•Orders of Protection — The District Attorney’s office willrequest an order of protection on your behalf if there was anarrest and a case is pending in criminal court. In the absence of apending criminal court case, Family Court will hear a request foran order of protection under certain circumstances. Please visit for additionalinformation.

Also, my office’s Victim Services Unit can be contacted at718-250-3820 for additional information. Trained counselors andadvocates are available to help victims and their families in asafe environment within my office at 350 Jay Street. Counselorsprovide crisis intervention, counseling, safety planning, courtescorts, mental and physical health support and referrals, advocacywith other agencies, and assistance to eligible applicants infiling for financial and medical reimbursements through the NewYork State Crime Victims Board.

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