Ridge Nightlife and Dining: I Love New York

Each year in September, our nation and our city reflect on thetime that has passed since the horrific attacks which left all ofus forever changed. This weekend, our city was a veritable collageof tributes, with homes and businesses proudly flying Americanflags to salute the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Television ran coverage of the anniversary parades, memorials andceremonies which honored the fallen heroes of the day. Quietly,family and friends of the victims gathered to support one anotherthrough surely the most painful day of the year.

As I looked around my city and our borough, these gatheringsreminded me of that day, seemingly a lifetime ago. That day, NewYork was tested, and proved its strength and resiliency. I was onlya senior in high school when the planes hit the World Trade Center.I could barely fathom the enormity of it all, as I watched with therest of the world as friends and neighbors grappled with theirhorrific losses.

I recall the fear hitting me as I gathered my thoughts and mentallyreviewed where all my family members were that morning. Along withall New Yorkers, I tried to reassure myself that each of them wassafe.

Now an English teacher myself, I wonder if my students grasp theseriousness of that day. Unfortunately, they have never known aworld without words like terrorist threats and HomelandSecurity. On Sunday, I hope they felt as much pride and hope as Idid, as I walked the same streets I did as a kid.

Business owners opened their doors, welcoming customers andbuilding community. Churches rang their bells in remembrance, asyoung and old gathered to remember and pray for their departed.Parents hugged their kids a little tighter, for those that can’tanymore. The construction site at Ground Zero stood as a symbol ofprogress for all of us, who are trying to take one step at atime.

New Yorkers may be loud and maybe a little obnoxious at times. Buton Sunday, they spent a day quietly reflecting on a decade ofpicking up the pieces. As I pondered a new school year, a newseason, and another anniversary, I was proud to say, as always, Ilove New York.

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