What interesting reading in The Home Reporter‘s October6 issue. First, I was in disbelief when I read about the deer thatwere found in the water underneath the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Ithought to myself, Now I’ve heard everything! But, no, Ihadn’t.

A few pages later, I was shocked when I read that the DMV isconsidering elimination of the eye test. Consumed by incredulity, Iasked myself, could this really be true? What misguided fool at theDMV came up with that idea?

It was this second story that prompted me to consider that maybe Iwas reading one of those April Fool’s-type issues of a newspaperthat are sometimes written. I looked at the cover of the paper justto be sure. But it isn’t April. And these stories are, indeed,true.

Thank you for your excellent reporting, which made for suchcompelling reading. I can’t wait to see what will be in next week’spaper.

Cathy DeCapua

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