EDITORIAL: Welcome back to trash pickups

At long last, seven-day-a-week trash basket collection onseveral major commercial strips in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights isback, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

When service was cut back a couple of years ago, as a result oftightened budgets, the city saw an almost immediate increase inlitter, thanks to overflowing corner baskets whose contents builtup – particularly on the weekends – only to be blown along thesidewalk whenever it was windy.

The result was a diminution in the quality of life. Residents goingshopping had to walk past trash containers that were unsightly andeven odiferous. They and merchants also had to deal with tickets,if litter happened to blow onto their properties at a time when thesidewalk was supposed to be swept, and a sanitation enforcementagent happened to walk by.

Now, at least, those who work and live around Third Avenue, FourthAvenue, Fifth Avenue, Fort Hamilton Parkway and 13th Avenue shouldsee some relief – amazingly, without additional cost to the city,which is redeploying trucks to expand the collection service.

The good news for Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, however, makes usask whether the city can also increase corner can collection onshopping streets in other neighborhoods which also sorely needit.

Surely, the residents and merchants of Sunset Park and Bensonhurst Gravesend and Windsor Terrace, also want similar relief, as dothose who live, shop and do business in every corner ofBrooklyn.

We say it’s only fair for the city to find a way to provide themwith the same service, which, quite frankly, they are entitled toas taxpayers.

The bottom line is that’s what’s good for neighborhoods is alsogood for the city, because the more appealing it is to shop andlive here, the better the city as a whole will fare. That’scertainly a goal that both administrators and taxpayers can agreeon.

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