MUFFIN’S PET CONNECTION: Week of November 17

HEY JUDE: Hi, we are Rose’s calico kittens. We are looking fora new home. Right now we are living in an outdoor, enclosed porchbut winter is soon approaching. We have some blankets to keep uswarm and plenty of food. We are almost 13 weeks old. We like tosleep, play and eat. Will someone please adopt us? You can contactFrank at 1-917-414-4807. Frank and I are looking for a good homefor each kitten. We will be waiting for you. Mention Jude’s columnin The Home Reporter.

EVENT: Rain or Shine: NOVEMBER 19th – Trinity Church, 91stStreet and Third Avenue: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. ADOPT A SHELTER PET -SAVE A LIFE! Fall in love with your new best friend at LOVEWANTED’S Second Annual Karen Bladykas Memorial Adoption Event.

She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten. Please join usin tribute to rescuer and volunteer Bladykas’ memory. Help somevery deserving shelter pets get new homes! Prospective pet ownersmust have adoption fee, proof of address and ID. Animals arecourtesy of the North Shore Animal League and Animal Care andControl. Donations of cat food and blankets are needed. Thankyou.

AVOIDING THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY DOGGY HAZARDS: ‘Tis is a season tosay thanks to those we love, including our doggy friends. Sharingsome morsels of people food’ with pooches, can be harmful-evenlethal-to dogs.

The foods we eat during the holidays have a tendency to be richand fatty, which can cause health problems in dogs now and down theroad. Vomiting and diarrhea are commonly seen in dogs given foodthat is not a part of their regular diet, especially foods that arehigh in fat.

Never give your dog poultry bones-they can splinter easily andstick in the esophagus, stomach or intestines. Keep him away fromchocolate-it can be fatal to dogs. The darker the chocolate, themore dangerous it is. If he is not trained to stay out of thegarbage, use a can with a lid, or keep it out of your pet’s reach.Dogs are amazing food scavengers.

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